Data protection with a sense of proportion

With fox-on data protection, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have many years of experience and always have good ideas when it comes to practical implementation. Correctly implemented data protection not only protects data, but also people and your company.

Data Protection Documentation

You do not yet know how to create your data protection documentation properly (processing directory according to Art. 30 GDPR)? Or do you have a method, but it is cumbersome, prone to errors, costs a lot of time and is no fun? Then take a look at our Data Protection Documentation.

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Are you looking for an external data protection officer or do you have a detailed question about a data protection topic to which you cannot find an answer?

Online Data Protection Training

You cannot or do not want to sensitize all employees to the topic of data protection in classroom training courses? We have developed a web-based data protection training course that teaches the basics, is easy to set up and is probably even fun for the employees. Yes, that is also possible with a topic like data protection.

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Data Protection Updates