Raising data protection awareness – what is the best way?

How to raise data protection awareness

In today’s digitalized world, protecting personal data is very challenging. We handle enormous amounts of data, making the likelihood of data breaches high.. It is important that everyone in the company not only knows how to handle personal data securely but also is able to react to requests from data subjects.

What options are there for raising awareness around the topic of data protection and ensuring the company has a sufficient level of awareness around the topic? fox-on has various “tools” for you:

In-person training: Whether on site or in a video call, we conduct data protection training courses, especially suited for smaller groups of people. This has the particular advantage that participants can actively take part and ask their questions directly.

Online training: Online data protection training can be completed by all employees in the company at any time. The training includes a final test and certificate, so the awareness-raising measure can be easily documented. fox-on can provide face-to-face training in 3 languages, the online training is currently available in 8 languages. More information here.

Training video: A training video is also a good way to raise employee awareness regardless of time. By integrating it into your own Learning Management System you are also able to check attendance. We have a general training available and can also create videos on any data protection topic you would like.

Data protection posters: You can also draw attention to data protection topics with witty slogans and great graphics (e.g. in the elevator or next to the department printer). You can find more information about our posters here.

Data protection newsletter: You are already familiar with our newsletter 😉. There are other options, such as communicating data protection topics to everyone within your own company in a newsletter.

Manuals: The advantage of documents is that you can refer to them from time to time. Whether as a summary after a training course or as accompanying information to the employment contract, it can help promote good data protection practices in the company.

Good to know: The GDPR regulates that companies MUST raise awareness, but not HOW. Companies can decide for themselves how often and in what way employees are trained and informed about data protection. Most importantly is that it takes place regularly and that you can document this. Many companies provide initial training on hiring and at regular intervals afterwards (e.g. every one to two years).

Please let us know how raising data protection awareness is organized in your company and whether you have had any good experiences with other approaches. If we can support you in raising awareness, please contact us at: info@fox-on.com.

Raising data protection awareness is important: Employees must be aware of how they may handle personal data.