[ Training ]

Sensitizing your employees

Our classroom training and data protection workshops are especially important to us:

They often lead to extremely interesting and lively discussions on the subject of data protection.

In our training courses, we combine the basics of data protection (legal bases and technical and organisational measures) with practical topics from everyday professional life in your industry and the lives of your employees.

Fox-On Datenschutz Schulungen - Unsere Expertin in einem Monolog über die Sicherheit unserer privaten Daten

After such a workshop, if your employees end up sharing a few anecdotes from the world of data protection at dinner that evening, we have done everything right and achieved our goal.

What does a training like this cost?
That depends on what kind of training you want.

A short basic training course or a one-day workshop on a special topic? The complete package including conference room and catering or an

in-house training on your premises? And: Do you book a single training course – or ten at once?

Talk to us: We will be happy to prepare a suitable offer for you.

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