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Do you want to bring your company up to date in terms of data protection?
We can help you.

Externer DSB

Are you looking for an external data protection officer (DPO) for your company? Now you have found us!

Fox-On Externer Datenschutz Beauftragte(r) - Menschen in einem Datenschutzgespräch

You already have a data protection officer in your company and are looking for qualified support?


For years we have been supporting companies from a wide variety of industries. Over the years we have focused on a number of key issues.

Datenschutz Poster

We have developed privacy poster campaigns on various topics. We are happy to provide an offer…

Fox-On Datenschutz Schulungen - Unsere Expertin in einem Monolog über die Sicherheit unserer privaten Daten

In our training courses, we combine the basics of data protection with practical topics from the everyday professional life of your industry.


Are you looking for a comfortable, attractively designed, affordable solution for training your employees in data protection?


DS-Doku is a web-based database which provides and easy and hands-on way to document all around data protection at your company.