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External data protection officer for your company

Are you looking for an external data protection officer (DPO) for your company? Now you’ve found us.

We are familiar with the subject matter and, above all, have a lot of experience with practical implementation.

We carry out an analysis of the data protection situation in your company and advise you on the implementation of any necessary measures. We have a lot of experience, i.e. you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

And when recording the current status, all findings can be incorporated into your new data protection documentation: This saves a lot of work!

What can we do for you?

Legal obligations:

In the role as data protection officer, fox-on has the following statutory duties:

  • Informing and advising management and employees on data protection
  • Monitoring whether data protection requirements are being met
  • Advising on possible data protection impact assessments
  • Act as a contact person between data protection supervisory authorities and your company

A risk-based approach applies: The data protection officer should be brought in earlier and play a more extensive role in these areas, the higher the data protection risk is.

Services beyond our legal obligations:

  • „foxondo“ is included:
    The GDPR stipulates that it is the company itself who is responsible for maintaining the legally prescribed records of processing activities. A DPO from fox-on brings with them the ingenious online software foxondo, which allows for division of labor and in which the directories can be maintained in a simple, legally compliant manner.
  • More help with our practical guides and document templates:
    fox-on provides its customers with tried and tested, clear and ready to use documents. We aim to be easily understood and to avoid difficult legal language whenever possible.
  • Practical propositions for solutions:
    We want data protection to be implemented and used in your company. That’s why fox-on works with you to develop solutions that actually work for you. In our experience, this increases employee acceptance considerably and makes life (with data protection) easier for everyone.
  • A lot of practical experience:
    Every data protection consultant at fox-on is a professional with practical experience. We have already heard and answered many of the questions we are asked: We don’t have to reinvent every wheel – this saves time and unnecessary effort.
  • Quick response time and availability:
    We react quickly to your enquiries: Usually, much faster than our customers expect. In urgent cases, a competent contact person is always available at short notice.
  • Entertaining classroom training:
    We are happy to conduct data protection training courses and workshops for your employees if commissioned to do so. Not only do we convey the most important aspects of data protection, but we are also happy to share anecdotes from the world of data protection. These are very well received and lead to participants gaining even more awareness of this important topic.
  • Online data protection training:
    You are welcome to book our online data protection training courses for a first-time sensitization your employees or to keep them up to date on this important topic.
  • Other optional services from one provider: We also offer other awareness measures such as clever data protection posters. Contact us if you still need anything.

DPO – The specialist in your company

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection laws regulate which companies must appoint a data protection officer (DPO). In Germany, with a few exceptions, this applies to all companies with more than 20 employees. A DPO must have the necessary expertise and be qualified in all respects. They monitor compliance with data protection laws within the company and are available to answer questions on data protection.

Need help deciding?

Not sure whether an internal or external data protection officer is the right choice for your company?

We have made an overview over the pros and cons of and internal and external DPO.