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Data protection consulting – We advise your internal DPO

Do you already have a data protection officer in your company? Or are you yourself this internal DPO looking for qualified support?

It is often the case that internal data protection officer’s (DPO’s) primary role within the company is not related to data protection. This is something that they do in addition to another main task.

Under these circumstances, it is difficult to always be up to date. If you have complicated data protection issues in your company or if you have larger auditing tasks to deal with, we will be happy to provide project-related support:

For example, do you have a video surveillance system that urgently needs to be checked for data protection compliance? Or are you unsure whether your website really complies with data protection regulations (and for that it is not enough to have a “nice” data protection notice)?

If you would like, we can also review contracts on order processing for you: From the inspection and commenting of the documents to an on-site inspection at your service provider.

In addition, we provide data protection information material adapted to the size of the company and the industry in which it operates, and we also provide employee training (as classroom training or through our online data protection training).

In addition, we have a secret that we could partially share with you: Our experience. You are probably not alone in the world with the problems and questions in your company. We have a lot of experience and so it is often easier for us to find a simple and pragmatic solution for your topic.

A data protection officer has a position of responsibility  within the company. We help you to fulfil your tasks as efficiently and pragmatically as possible. Contact us for a personal meeting.