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foxondo – The data protection documentation for your company

foxondo is a web-based database solution with which companies and data protection officers can document everything related to data protection.

Not surprisingly: all legally required information is queried (keyword: overview of processing activities pursuant to Art. 30 GDPR) and the associated responses and supporting documents are stored in an audit-proof manner.

You probably already assumed as much, since such features are to be expected from a data protection documentation.

But who would have guessed: We can do more. As far as possible, we already offer possible answers according to the multiple-choice principle: It is easier to select the right content from the list than to stare at a blank sheet of paper (or even worse: a blank Excel spreadsheet).

foxondo has a 100% flexible modular structure, i.e. depending on the answer to a question, you may be shown other follow-up questions. You will not be presented with irrelevant contents and facts.

Particularly interesting for corporate groups: Certain processing activities (such as central payroll accounting at headquarters) only need to be documented once: The dependent companies are then simply referred to from there and you save yourself the trouble of adding content twice.

foxondo reduces the time required by the data protection officer and the departments involved in the company – this reduces costs and saves the staff a lot of nerves. Not least of all because it is so easy to use that hardly any training is required.

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