The German Federal Government sues the Federal Data Protection Officer over Facebook

It’s no dream team: Facebook and data protection.

If you run a company Facebook page and really want to do everything right, you are dealing with a hard nut to crack.

The reason for this is: Facebook does not provide everything that the German data protection supervisory authorities believe is necessary for GDPR compliance (such as a comprehensive Data Privacy Policy for users or a sufficient joint controller agreement).

For this reason, the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection instructed the German Federal Press Office not to continue operating its Facebook page. In his opinion, it is not possible to run a business- Facebook page in compliance with data protection. The Federal Press Office opposed this order, and so a remarkable step has now been taken: the German government is taking legal action against the order and thus against the German Federal Data Protection Commissioner.

As strange as it sounds, this is a welcome step. This model case will hopefully finally provide definitive clarification to many unresolved issues relating to the operation of Facebook pages. This could create legal certainty for companies and organizations as to whether and to what extent they are allowed to have a presence on Facebook.

In a few months, court rulings will show if companies and organizations in Germany can make their Facebook fan pages legally secure.

By the way: If you have your own private, personal Facebook page, you don’t have to worry about this.