Test yourself in data protection online


Test your own data protection behaviour online

How do you feel about data protection on the internet? Do you consider yourself a part of the cautious group that withholds their data wherever possible? Or are you perhaps more curious about the latest features and don’t give it too much thought?

For some time now, there has been a free self-test, the “Privat-o-Mat” (privacy meter). Similar to the Wahl-o-Mat (election meter in Germany) you answer 15 questions and find out how data protection-conscious you really are. This helps you get to know and understand your own data protection behaviour better.

The aim is to deal with the topic in a playful way, so it doesn’t bother us that the questions are sometimes a bit “rough around the edges” from our point of view. By the way, the result at fox-on was (unsurprisingly) that we were predominantly classified as “reflective data protectionists”. How about you?

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Don’t worry: This is a serious project, backed by a college in Stuttgart and the data protection supervisory authority in Baden-Württemberg, supported by SWR (a German broadcasting company). According to their own statement, the user entries are not stored centrally and are only available on the user’s computer.

If you use the “Privat-o-Mat”: Were you surprised by the results or were they expected? Feel free to share your assessment with us.