European elections 2024 – Who do you want to vote for?

European elections 2024 – Who do you want to vote for?

The next European elections are just around the corner. Are you not sure who you want to vote for? Or would you like to know whether the party you have been voting for faithfully for years still align with your values? is a tool you can use for this. It is an EU election quiz available for several EU countries in local language. It also includes the German Wahl-O-Mat for voters in Germany (

You can use it to compare your own views with the parties’ programmes. Once you have answered all the questions you will receive an overview of the parties with which you agree most. This can be helpful when deciding who to vote for on June 9th.

And what does this have to do with data protection?

Can you recall your last data protection training and the topic “special categories of personal data”? Data on political opinions is one of them.

Like all personal data, it may only be processed with a legal basis. In this case, the legal basis is your consent: you access the website and use the tool voluntarily. The respective provider is obligated to provide further details on data processing in their data protection notices.

Elections are one of the most important components of a democracy. Voting is important in itself – and it makes sense to vote for the party that best suits your views. Election quiz services such as those available through Vote-Match at a European level or the German Wahl-O-Mat can help with the decision-making process.