Christmas already?


Not just recommendations for reading and gifts, but also something for you to win

We’ve already shared book and movie tips with you a few times. Today it gets better still: You can even win a book.

Whether you see this as reading fodder for yourself or as a gift under the Christmas tree in 23 days… These titles on the topic of data protection and information security are our current recommendations:

Dave Eggers:
The Every

Just imagine Facebook, Google and Amazon merging. That inevitably results in the “most popular” monopoly of all time: A frightening prospect. The protagonist of the book infiltrates them and purposefully places ideas for new functions and services: These become increasingly radical and manipulative. Her goal is to wake up humanity and make them turn away from the Every. But somehow she doesn’t succeed and, to her horror, everyone thinks her ideas are great.

Marc Elsberg:
ZERO – They know what you will do (Link to the book)

ZERO is about our data and how easy it is to do whatever you want with it once it has landed on the Internet or, as in this novel, on the Internet platform Freemee. The platform collects and analyzes data – and promises its millions of users a better life and more success. Only ZERO, the world’s most wanted online activist, warns against this. When journalist Cynthia Bonsant begins to investigate more closely, she herself becomes the hunted. And in a world full of cameras, data glasses and smartphones, there’s nowhere to hide.

The novel has now also been made into a movie and is available free of charge in the ARD media library until February 07, 2022 (in German with German subtitles).

Marc-Uwe Kling:
Qualityland (Link to the book)

Welcome to QualityLand! In the future, everything runs smoothly: work, leisure and relationships are optimized by algorithms. QualityPartner knows who suits you best. The self-driving car knows where you want to go. And if you’re registered with TheShop, all the products you consciously or unconsciously want will be sent to you automatically, without you having to order them. Super practical! No one is forced to make difficult decisions anymore – because in QualityLand, the answer to all questions is: OK. Nevertheless, Peter, the machine scrapper, is increasingly getting the feeling that something is wrong with his life. If the system is really so perfect, why are there drones suffering from fear of flying, or combat robots with post-traumatic stress disorder? Why are the machines becoming more and more human, but the humans more and more machine-like?

Perhaps you also know of some interesting books on the subject and have a good recommendation for us?

Then please send it our way by December 7th 2021. We will draw three random replies who will each win a book. You can choose from one of the titles above (hardcover and paperback are both possible). Alef Völkner’s little grandson will be drawing the “winning replies”. 

Other books we have recommended in the past:Two of our favorite recommendations are “The Circle” and “Blackout.”

  • In The Circle, author Dave Eggers explores the abyss of ubiquitous networking: what are the consequences of total transparency?
  • And in Blackout by Marc Elsberg, we can witness what happens when the energy supply in Europe completely collapses. When we read that, we seriously thought about setting up a storage cellar and buying an emergency generator.

There are also, of course, timeless classics worth reading, such as “1984” and “Brave New World.” The best thing to do is to ask your trusted bookseller about them.

If you have a nice recommendation for a book or even a thematically appropriate movie or series: Send an email to by December 7th 2021.
We will raffle three books among all entries, which you can choose yourself from our recommendations.

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