Data protection in healthcare – the handling of personal data

Data on the health of a person are especially intimate and sensitive and require specific measures in terms of data protection. If this data falls into the wrong hands, the damage could be enormous. Do not let that happen – your company carries great responsibility and has a good reputation to lose.

“Data protection in healthcare” not only refers to medical records at a medical practice or hospital.

  • Production or sale of medication:
    • Has the chain of reporting in a case of an adverse drug reaction been established correctly and safely?
    • Does the report comply by the law and does it contain the correct data for statistical analysis?
  • Medication studies
    • Does the sponsor actually not have access to personal data from the studies?
    • Are all the requirements of the ethics committee being fully met, without exceptions?
    • Is the covering of travel expenses being handled in accordance with data protection standards?
    • Does the patient agree to the usage of his personal data in the study as well as further internal processing of his data?
  • Written consent (ICF)
    • Is the consent in accordance with the law and does it note the specific categories of data in question?
    • Do you have a well-functioning process for further usage of data that was collected by phone?

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