Data protection does not just protect data
Data protection protects people

DS-Doku – The data protection documentation tool for your company

DS-Doku is our web-based database solution, with which companies and Data Protection Officers can document everything related to data protection.

Of course, you will be asked to enter all information that needs to be documented according to Art. 30 GDPR, and the associated answers and supporting documents are all stored in a manner which is easily auditable and revision-proof.

Since you should expect such features from a data protection documentation tool, this should come as no surprise, but our tool can do so much more. As many questions as possible are formatted using multiple choice, making it easier for you to complete your data protection documentation. Simply tick the appropriate box, instead of spending hours staring at a blank sheet of paper (or even worse: an empty Excel spreadsheet).

DS-Doku is designed to be 100% flexible. This means that depending on your answer to a question, you may be asked different follow-up questions. There is no need to bother with irrelevant content and facts.

Particularly interesting for company groups is that certain processing activities (such as central payroll accounting at the head office) only need to be documented once: afterwards the dependent companies can simply refer to it.

Complicated, widely distributed and differently labeled Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past. The time required by the responsible departments in the company and the DPO is reduced – this saves costs and the workforce a lot of stress. On top of this, DS-Doku makes data protection documentation fun, as far as you can talk about “fun” in terms of data protection …

Can documentation be added right away?

DS-Doku offers you the possibility to upload proof documents. Take, for example, the topic “awareness for employees”. In an Excel list your options are limited to specifying if and how your employees receive data protection training. In DS-Doku you select the type of training (for example classroom training) and then upload the corresponding training slides and participant lists. And just like that you’re in compliance with GDPR Art. 5 (accountability).

How can I recognize „what needs to be done“ quickly?

In DS-Doku, not only does every question contain content, it is also possible to set each question’s status. The status could be that the question has not yet been processed (“grey”), or that the answer is in compliance with data protection law (“green”).

All information can be filtered according to its status. In preparation for a meeting with management board and department heads, you might filter all questions with a red status (in violation of data protection law). Meanwhile your colleagues in IT could filter out all technical and organizational measure that are “in progress” or “not yet answered”.

Is it possible to create reports?

You can at any time easily create a PDF of individual processing activities or the complete data protection documentation based on the information you have entered in DS-Doku (for example in the case of inquiries from regulatory authorities). Speaking of supervisory authorities: Not only is all content stored in an auditable manner, but uploaded files are available even after deletion in the interface.

Is DS-Doku available in several languages?

DS-Doku can be used in both German and English. Other languages ​​can be made available upon request.

Who is DS-Doku suitable for?

For our customers in data protection law, the provision of this wonderful tool is part of our services and will not be charged separately.

Your DPO is not a fox-on employee, or you’re a Data Protection Officer yourself and you’re looking for a useful, easy-to-use tool to document data protection procedures? No problem!

DS-Doku is easy to use and prepared for multi-client usage. Get in contact with us: We’ll show you how it works and make you an offer.

We would be happy to provide information on the technical details upon request.