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Do you want to make sure your company complies with data protection standards? We can help you with that.

External data protection officer
We will provide you with an external data protection officer: We analyse the pre-existing data protection standards in your company and, where necessary, advise you on the implementation of required measures. We are highly educated and qualified data protection officers, so with us, you will not need to reinvent the wheel.

We advise your internal DPO
Do you already have a data protection officer employed in your company who we can assist? Are there certain subjects in terms of data protection in your company in which our experience could be helpful? Or maybe your internal DPO can’t find the time to train your employees? We would be pleased to take over these tasks.

Data protection training
We offer a wide range of possibilities in order to make every employee at your company aware of the applicable data protection regulations: we offer classroom training sessions in your company, designed posters on data protection and IT security and online data protection trainings.

Take a look around our website and feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to make you an offer.

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