Data protection does not just protect data
Data protection protects people

Web-based data protection training

Are you looking for a comfortable, appealing, affordable data protection training solution for employees who have not yet been trained?

We have just the thing: an online data protection training. The training is webbased, so no need to install anything onto your systems, and it is easily adapted to your company’s specific needs. The training also accounts for the GDPR, and can be done in both english and german.

Our online data protection training is available in a basic and premium version.

We are happy to introduce you to our eLearning data protection training via a remote presentation, or through our demo-version where you can try things out yourself. You can even print out a demo-certificate!

Get in contact with us: We will send you the login information for our demo-version, and put together a tailored offer for your company.

Information on the basic version

The basic-version of our web-based data protection training is suited for smaller companies, who do not have specific thematic needs when it comes to data protection.

You will receive an access code to our training, which you can send to your employees.

Every employee does the training and prints a certificate afterwards, to hand in to the HR department.

Information on the premium version

The premium version of our web-based data protection training is suited for medium and large sized companies, as well as companies with specific data protection needs.

We will install our training on a sub-domain suitable for your company „“ and your logo will be featured.

For company groups we can offer separate sub domains und different homepages for all companies within the group.

All content can be adjusted to suit your company’s needs (removing or adding slides, adding content, changing wording/terms).

You will also receive the ‘carefree’ package. We will take care of:

  • Distributing the access codes and any additional information to your employees
  • Reminding your employees if the training has not been completed within the allotted time
  • Sending you the successfully completed trainings (either at the end of the training, or continuously during the training).

Get in contact with us: We are happy to show you the benefits of a premium package, and give you an offer tailored to your needs.

Overview of differences between basic and premium

We have summarized the difference between the basic and the premium version on one page:

Do we need the basic or the premium version?

And how much will the online data protection training cost?

The use and cost of our online data protection training  is dependant on the number of employees using it. (as of 100 employees you receive discounted prices).

The cheaper basic training is available immediately, and without any adjustments needed. This is ideal for smaller companies.

In the premium version, the training runs via a sub domain and we add your logo to the home page. Further adjustments are possible (if you would like to talk about data protection topics specific to your company)

Get in contact with us and we will give you a specific price for your training, dependant on the number of employees you would like to train.