Data protection does not just protect data
Data protection protects people

Questions we get asked a lot

Exactly which services does fox-on offer?

We can advise and support you with all issues concerning data protection:

  • Data protection check (initial analysis of the current status in accordance with data protection laws)
  • Providing a fox-on employee for external data protection consultation
  • Advisory support for the implementation of data protection measures
  • General data protection advice
  • Reviews of contracts for your clients and from contractors
  • Carrying out the prior checking required by law
  • Check your processings based on your register of processing information
  • If needed, we can support in the creation or maintenance of the processing registers
  • Provision of sample documents and templates
  • Advising committees such as the IT committee or works council
  • Presence-training for your employees
  • Provision of online data protection training
  • Strategic management consulting
  • Support in case of audits by supervisory authorities
  • Provide advice to internal data protection officers
  • Communication with your clients in regards to data protection topics

… and whatever else comes to mind on this subject. We are always open to new ideas!

What kind of costs will the company face?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is „that depends“.

If you request an offer for the support of your company from an external data protection officer or for an individual data protection consultation, we will first clarify the basic conditions with you. You give us some necessary information, e.g. your business purpose, your company structure and data history. Based on this information we calculate our cost.

The initial data protection check is usually a stand-alone project, which is initially assigned separately and can also be done without ordering a data protection officer. For continuous jobs as your data protection officer, we usually calculate lump sums which can later be adjusted. So you have full control over costs.

You will find our questionnaire here (German language only), which you could send to us if you are interested in an offer or cost calculation from us.

How will we handle cases where a substitution is required?

Your first contact is the appointed data protection officer. The team at fox-on Datenschutz GmbH works on a project-related basis and, of course, also ensures her or his substitute. For larger projects, we work with other partners as well.

Will we always have a contact person?

The office is open during general business hours (also on non-federal holidays, since we work nationwide). We usually process your inquiries the next working day at the latest. If your request is too complex, we will give you a short interim report.

Why are you present on social media?

Social media may not be the “natural habitat” for data protection specialists, but we have been running a Facebook-page for our company for quite a while. We do not update it very frequently, but we would still like to be found if anyone searches for us on Facebook. Would you like to take a look? You can find us at